KABOOM ANIMATION FESTIVAL is a fact August 26th 2019

KLIKxHAFF spill the beans about new Dutch animation film festival

After months of preparation and anticipation, we are excited to release the new name of our collaborative efforts with Holland Animation Film Festival: Kaboom Animation Festival. While we are working on our new visual identity, we could not wait to confirm our spick-and-span-new name and additional information on what the first edition of Kaboom will look like.

Kaboom Animation Festival will take place from 9 to 17 November in Utrecht and Amsterdam. The programme in Utrecht will focus exclusively on animation for kids and families. The programming in Amsterdam, on the other hand, will showcase a wide variety of the latest and greatest animation from all over the world and a special focus on industry events.

We will kick off celebrations on November 9 with five days of colourful, family oriented programming in various locations in Utrecht. Visitors young and old can come eye to eye with their favourite animated characters - like Shaun the Sheep, Wallace & Gromit and Ella, Oscar & Hoo - and watch many films that will only be shown in Utrecht. Dive into the worlds of the Korean story of The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow (Hyeong-yoon Chang, 2014, ‘81), build an animated world in three days or go on an expedition with the whole family to record the sounds of Utrecht. Little as well as full-grown explorers can delve into our Exploration Station and workshops for different age groups. Additionally, we will organise the Netherlands’ first ever Young Industry Day in Utrecht. Don’t miss out on your chance to meet fresh animation talent from art schools in the Netherlands.

On November 13 we will move the show to the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, where we continue celebrating all things animated. We will show the best animated shorts competing for our awards, we will binge our new favourite Amazon series Undone (Hisko Hulsing, 2019), listen to stories about disastrous animation projects during the Night of Shame, celebrate 100 years of Dutch animation and dive into Korean animation films - vintage as well as contemporary. Get ready for premieres, industry events, international speakers, award shows, exhibitions, parties and much more. First confirmed features include Funan (Denis Do, 2018, 88’), a moving story of bravery and sacrifice in the face of unspeakable times, and Away (Gints Zilbalodis, 2019, 74’), which is made by a 25-year-old Latvian animator all by himself. This Annecy winner is a hypnotic story about a young man traveling through an unknown world. We are also super excited to confirm our first speaker: Mike Hollingsworth, supervising director of BoJack Horseman.

KLIKxHAFF at Annecy June 13th 2019

While we're working on the immediate future of our first edition in November we are also looking far ahead at the future of European animation festivals.

With the announcement of the Creative Europe MEDIA Future Program 2021 - 2027 we decided to collaborate with Anima Brussel and invite festival professionals to a first-ever European Festivals Meeting at Annecy. During this meeting, representatives of Creative Europe MEDIA give a brief outline of the program and its implications for (networks of) film festivals. Charged with this knowledge we hope to spark an animated discussion about the possibilities of future collaborations between our festivals. The goal is to lay the foundation for a European network of festivals.

Are you at Annecy and eager to meet up with our team? Join us at the Dutch Drinks at Cafe des Arts between 5-7pm tonight.

Call for Entries Now Open August 26th 2019

In November 2019 KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival and Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) join forces to bring you an animation festival that combines the best of both: cutting-edge experimental arthouse and the very best of all things animated with the added bonus of a special focus on animation for families and kids.

KLIKxHAFF Festival is organised by KLIK Foundation (Amsterdam) and Stichting Holland Animation Film Festival (Utrecht).

If you're looking for an opportunity to show your work to animation professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world, you should look no further. Follow this link and submit your animation to our action-packed, edgy, international festival.

On this page, you find all the information about the submissions procedure for our Call for Entries 2019, including a step-by-step guide.

KLIK x HAFF April 15th 2019

After 11 years of coexisting within the Dutch cultural landscape, KLIK and HAFF have decided to join forces.

HAFF is a festival with a great tradition and long-standing international reputation, a focus on auteur and experimental animation, and a well developed educational program. KLIK is well known as a progressive and inclusive festival that celebrates a wide variety of animation, standing in close contact with the audience and connecting the animation sector.

After the departure of its former director, HAFF invited KLIK to explore the possibility of creating a joint festival. Over the course of these talks, common ground was found in a forward-looking attitude and the recognition of how complementary both festivals are to one another. Both parties are enthusiastic about the opportunities a joint venture can create for further development of the Dutch animation sector within our cultural landscape.

The reactions of the Dutch industry to this mutual intent have been positive and confident, affirming our ambitions to make the coalition a great success.

In the coming two years KLIK and HAFF will organise one festival in two cities: Utrecht and Amsterdam. The 2019 festival will be held in October/November 2019. The concept or the new festival will be drawn up in the coming months. At the beginning of 2019 we will be able to share more details about the competitions.

What we've been cooking up with Industry Partner Voicebooking.com August 26th 2019

KLIK is happy to announce another fruitful partnership with Voicebooking.com. The one-stop web shop for all your voice-overs is joining KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival with a special demo, Demo: Audio mixing for video editors showcasing tips and tricks for mixing audio for animation. Gijs Friesen, Chief of Sound at Voicebooking.com, will show you how he mixes the audio for an animation.

You'll learn how to bring sound effects to life, how to position the voice over for the best effect, how to find the right stock music track and, you will find out the answer to the trickiest question of all - how come music can get in the way of a good voice over? And how to fix it so it doesn't.

Join us on Thursday 11 October at 20:45 (after Animation for Hire) in EYE 2 and learn how to bring sound effects to life, how to find the right stock music, and more.

On Thursday, Voicebooking.com will also announce the Best Voice in a Commissioned Animation. The winners will receive a free voice-over for a web video up to 250 words, including editing and mastering.

And on Sunday you can bring your mini-me for a free voice acting workshop. The workshop starts at 15:30.

Workshop // Animation & Expression August 26th 2019

From 13 – 16 October Animatie producenten Nederland (ApN) and KLIK organize a workshop on animation and expression in LAB111 with support of het Filmfonds. The workshop will be hosted by performer and teacher William Dashwood. The workshop will be given in Dutch.

Download this info sheet to find out more.

HOSPITALITY // Come and surf that couch August 26th 2019

Do you have a spare bed or couch? Want to meet interesting filmmakers/artists and make friends for life? Want to visit KLIK 2018 for free? We got an idea for you!

Join our network of friends, who are willing to open their doors to adopt a filmmaker for the duration of the festival.

Fill in this form and become our CFF (Couch Surfing Friend).

Illustration by Mirjam Debets.

World Domination Award 2018 August 26th 2019

This year marks the sixth time we award the KLIK World Domination Award. This highly coveted award honors an organization, studio or individual that helped Dutch animation on a global scale (particularly in 2017-2018) and take a crucial step towards total world domination.

Deadline for your nomination is 14 September. The winner will be announced during the Opening Night of KLIK 2018.

Nominate now!

gif by Klaas-Harm de Boer

THE BUTCHER Social Club x KLIK August 26th 2019

For this upcoming edition (10-14 October, 2018), we're proud to be partnering with THE BUTCHER Social Club.

When Amsterdam is fast asleep, THE BUTCHER connects the city’s nighthawks and early birds in THE BUTCHER Social Club. The brand-new concept of the renowned ENTOURAGE GROUP isa 24h-juncture of great food, new music, edgy creativity, metropolitan lifestyle, and urban design. Situated in-and outside of Amsterdam's newest mash-up of urban style, the A’DAM tower, the THE BUTCHER brand gets an unequalled twist. THE BUTCHER Social Club is a full-service playground for urbanites, open from 8AM until far after midnight and all around-the-clock on Friday and Saturday. All bloody delicious day, all bloody delicious night.

During the festivities, KLIK will be taking over parts of THE BUTCHER Social Club. Expect snazzy drinks, great parties, industry events, and amazing food.

Creative Consultancy by Jamie K. Bolio August 26th 2019

JAMIE KEZLARIAN BOLIO's industry knowledge and experience is rooted in her background as a veteran artist in the field. Her creative credits include animated features, shorts, television, commercial, and mixed-media special projects for studios such as Walt Disney Studios and DreamWorks Animation (US), Django Films (UK), Cartoon Saloon (IE)...

With a passion for the craft, deep-roots in the industry, and a trusted aesthetic for film, Jamie is often tasked with an international search for independent, high-quality, artistically-driven content. Her endeavours include scouting for, championing, showcasing, and consulting on projects of merit / unique appeal.

Jamie founded 62 GEORGE STREET, advocating fair access / opportunities for independent projects and their creators. She acts as a liaison between participating European animation studios, schools, training guilds and film festivals, providing master classes and educational resources to help bridge the pipeline gap.

KLIK and 62 GEORGE STREET are very pleased to announce their partnership by offering creative consultancy by the half-hour. Jamie will be available to review WIP reels, portfolios, animatics, scripts as well as consulting on a range of industry-related topics including awards consideration, promotional campaigns, portfolio / reel preparation, bringing in talent for workshops / lectures for the community and schools.

Please submit an inquiry or request to: info@62georgestreet.com

CALL FOR ENTRIES 2018 August 26th 2019

We want YOUR films! Call for Entries is now only open for students.

You can submit up to three films in the category Animated Student Short. Selected films will we presented during our 11th edition, held 10 - 14 October 2018.

Selection results will be published in September.

For more info and to submit your work, visit our Call for Entries page.

Playgrounds x KLIK present: The Breadwinner August 26th 2019

On Friday 13 April, KLIK and Playgrounds Festival are proud to present the exclusive avant-premiere of Oscar-nominated feature film The Breadwinner. For this special occasion, we invite you to join us in the biggest theater of the lush Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam.

The Breadwinner is directed by Nora Twomey and produced by Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon (who also brought us Song of the Sea and Secret of Kells).

Get your tickets here.

Parvana is an 11-year-old girl who lives under Taliban rule in Afghanistan in 2001. After the wrongful arrest of her father, Parvana cuts off her hair and dresses like a boy to support her family. Working alongside a friend, she soon discovers a new world of freedom and danger. Drawing strength from the fantastical stories she invents, Parvana embarks on an epic quest to find her father and reunite her family.

In addition we'll be hosting five short film programmes during Playground Blend 2018. Read more here.

See you there!

Mirjam Debets New Illustrator for 2018 Edition August 26th 2019

We love supporting fresh talent and are very excited to be working with Mirjam Debets for our upcoming 2018 edition. In the coming months, you will witness the transition of our website and social channels into a space for the creatures from Mirjam's universe.

Mirjam is a 2D animator, VJ and illustrator, based in Amsterdam. She loves music, experimenting with new techniques, interactive things, and taking animation into the real world. We love her funky style and the first sketches we saw for our 11th edition. Stay tuned!

Visit her website.

Aneta Ozorek New Artistic Director February 5th 2018

We are proud to announce that Aneta Ozorek will be taking on the role as artistic director at KLIK. The Polish-born festival curator, illustrator, and film expert extraordinaire has over 15 years of experience in the industry and will be spearheading our international ambitions.

Aneta has a strong background in curating and developing animation initiatives in Poland and other European countries. As new artistic director, she intends to further establish KLIK as a festival that finds unique ways to connect art and business; and to intensify the international promotion of Dutch animation in Europe and beyond.

Ozorek elaborates: “Everything started with chaos: friends, poetry, an experimental approach, brave program decisions, and a passion for the art of the moving image. KLIK was always connecting and inviting, never exclusive. Always collaborating, never competing. To set up an inspiring path into the future, we aim to further establish KLIK as a platform that connects the greatest names in animation history with debutants and the biggest studios with independent artists. An innovative approach to connecting art and business will be a core element of the KLIK identity.

Together with general director Bram Kranendonk, Aneta Ozorek will lead us into a prosperous future. The 2018 edition is coming up fast. Keep an eye on this site for more news.

Animation for Grown-Ups #1: Parental Advisory November 20th 2017

Nipple gates, LGBTQI+ sexuality, (female) masturbation - we’re still terribly prudish when it comes to expressing our sexuality. Our prudity is reflected all over visual media: Facebook and Instagram hunt photos and drawings of female nipples, and advertisements use a blue liquid as period blood.

When it comes to drawings, the lines are blurred though. Animation has the power to discuss taboos in an unoffending way, mainly through design choices like 'cuteness' or 'abstraction'. Where are the boundaries and who determines what is acceptable and not? In collaboration with Studio Pupil and Pakhuis de Zwijger we are hosting a series of talks and a selection of short animated films. Join us for the first edition on November 30!

Free entrance, but please register here.

KLIK 2017 is a wrap October 23rd 2017

All good things must come to an end. Even KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2017. We had a blast and so many highlights that it's hard to name them all.

We want to thank all of our subsidiary funds, sponsors, partners and the army of volunteers for their relentless support. We couldn't do it without you. See y'all next year!

P.S.: To get an impression, check out the images here or head to our Facebook for more.

Winners of the KLIK 2017 Frankies October 21st 2017

Who will go for the gold? This year, we got 1.975 entries representing 80 countries, from Iceland to India, but only a chosen few convinced our three independent juries of (inter)national experts and became KLIK champions of 2017.

The winners can expect everlasting glory and (minor) riches to invest in future films. During our Awards Night on Saturday 21 October 2017, champions took home their very own coveted Frankie – a sculpture of our awards mascot and a symbol of ultimate animation achievement.

See all the winners here.

KLIK KLIK DRANKS October 20th 2017

All work and no play is definitely not KLIK’s style. So dust off your snazzy costumes or inventive outfits and join us in the KLIK Café, because Saturday dranks are on. Our annual soiree is the night all filmmakers, festivalgoers, and friends get together to mingle.

In past years KLIK put on a big show. This year we keep it simple, to save our energy for some wild ADE dancing. So join us Saturday, 21 October at 23.00 in the KLIK Café.

Psssst: It's free of charge and everyone is welcome!


Cuphead October 13th 2017

Time to shoot some bad guys! In the EYE Arena you can play Cuphead, a run and gun video game released last month that’s heavily influenced by 1930s cartoon characters like Betty Boop and Popeye. The visuals and audio were created with the same techniques of the era, such as hand-drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.

Play as Cuphead or Mugman as you navigate strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn super moves, and discover hidden secrets while you try to pay your debt back to the devil.

Game animator Jake Clark from Studio MDHR will also give an Up Close & Personal Masterclass during the festival. Jake is also part of the KLIK & Play presentations.

Leader KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2017 September 25th 2017

This year’s festival leader is a humorous trip down memory lane. In honor of our theme, Never Grow Up, KLOMP! Animation created a nostalgic homage to shows and films many of us grew up with and still have an impact on our lives, from Steamboat Willie to Looney Tunes, Pokémon, Transformers, Dragon Ball Z, The Lion King, and plenty of other classics. Main character Klikbert the klikker runs through different styles and settings to finally make it to KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival.

Pay close attention to see if you can spot all the tributes.

The trailer is the result of collaboration between KLOMP! Animation, Colorbleed, Studio Plumeau, Elephant Ears, Kasper Werther, Hilde Buiter, Kabo Lam, and others.

KLIK 2017

KLIK 2017 Campaign is out September 1st 2017

We're counting the days until the upcoming edition of KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival. But KLIK 2017 isn't just any old edition. It's out tenth anniversary!

To celebrate the big 1-0, we've collaborated with the talented Aisha Madu again to create this year's campaign. We asked Aisha to come up with illustrations referring to this year's theme program: Never Grow Up. Time to put the spotlight on animations that question common conceptions of age and life stages. What does it mean to be grown up? What if you refuse to act your age? Expect feature films, presentations, short film compilations and more.

KLIK 2017
Aisha Madu

Nominations now open for World Domination Award 2017 August 28th 2017

From now on you — yes, you! — can nominate individuals, studios or organizations in the animation sector for the KLIK World Domination Award 2017.

This award is for whomever you think made the biggest contribution to Dutch animation and shows the greatest promise. On 17 October 2017 during KLIK Opening Night our esteemed jury will reveal which of the outstanding nominees will take home this prestigious prize.

Don't wait any longer. Nominate NOW!

...or at least before Monday 25 September, when this call closes.

world domination award
KLIK 2017

ON TOUR: KLIK at Lowlands August 14th 2017

With just a few days to go until the super special birthday edition of Lowlands we've started packing our bags with amazing animated short. As you've come to expect, we're part of Lowlands TV and will be presenting a colorful program of top-notch animation. Every day. All day. KLIK represent!

Are you at Lowlands as well? Find us!

Avant-premiere of Loving Vincent Confirmed July 24th 2017

There are no creative boundaries in animation. The only boundary is your own mind. This makes animation one of the most exciting art forms to transport exceptional stories with an experimental flavor.

Loving Vincent is the world's first ever fully painted feature film, bringing the paintings of Vincent van Gogh to life to tell his story. First shot as live action film every one of the 65.000 frames of the film is a hand-painted oil-painting, created by 125 professional painters. As remarkable as Vincent's paintings are his passionate, ill-fated life, and mysterious death.

Written and directed by Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman, produced by Poland's BreakThru Films and UK's Trademark Films.

Loving Vincent

Special Guest: Daron Nefcy (Disney) June 13th 2017

We are extremely excited to confirm Daron Nefcy, creator and executive producer of the popular Disney TV series Star vs. the Forces of Evil, as one of our guests.

The Annie Award-nominated animated series features the pubescent alien princes Star Butterfly, as she navigates through high school and fights the forces of evil. In her presentation, Nefcy will give a glimpse of the process of creating an episode for the show. From coming up with an idea, to storyboards, design, editing, music, sound and animation.

Nefcy has been awarded Variety's "10 Animators to Watch" and made Forbes 30 under 30 list of young entrepreneurs and change makers for 2015. The Los Angeles Times featured Nefcy in a cover story about the growing influence of women in animation.


Theme Program: Boy and the World July 7th 2017

Today has got us all giddy and excited. We are thrilled to announce a new addition to our theme program Never Grow Up: Boy and the World.

Brazilian artist Alê Abreu's Academy Award-nominated masterpiece is a riotous explosion of music and color. This vibrant cinematic experience depicts the wonders and struggles of the modern world as seen through the eyes of a young boy.

The young boy’s journey unfolds like a tapestry, taking on greater complexity as his small world expands.

theme program
Never Grow Up

Rick & Morty Marathon July 19th 2017

We can't wait for the 3rd season of Rick & Morty to weird us out. So we are collaborating with Cartoon Network and KINO Rotterdam to bring you an 8-hour marathon of this madness.

Buy your frickin' ticket already!

cartoon network

Announcing This Year's Theme: Never Grow Up June 14th 2017

With this year's themed program Never Grow Up we put the spotlight on animations that question common conceptions of age and life stages. What does it mean to be grown up? What if you refuse to act your age? Expect feature films, presentations, short film compilations and more.

A feature film we can already confirm is Ignacio Ferreras' heartwarming Spanish animation Wrinkles. More to be announced.

theme program

Early Bird Tickets Now Available – Get Your Unlimited Pass June 14th 2017

We're launching the presale of the tenth edition of KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival.

Enjoy the full KLIK experience and treat yourself to an Unlimited Pass. With our early bird special, you'll catch the fattest worms and a 20 euro discounts for six days of animation madness.

The KLIK Unlimited Pass gives you access to all screenings and programs of our six-day animation fest, including our (in)famous parties. Pass holders don't reserve seats, they walk in like a boss. Just make sure that you're on time... Like a boss.

Order your early bird pass now for just 60 euro (instead of 80) via EYE's online ticket shop. Payments are possible with iDeal, credit card and PayPal. Sale closes on 21 July.

Be early. Be bird.

early bird
unlimited pass

Call for Entries deadline extended until 1 July May 24th 2017

Wait, what? That's right, we decided to extend our Call for Entries with one extra month to ensure that animation students who are buckling down to finish their film in June are also able to send us their animated beauties. Final deadline for submissions is 1 July 2017. So hit us with your best and send in your animated works for our international competition.

You can submit up to three films in the categories Animated Short, Animated Student Short, Commissioned Animation, Animated Documentary, Animated Music Video, Animated Virtual Reality, or Outside of Competition. Selected films will we presented during our tenth anniversary edition, held 17-22 October 2017.

Selection results will be published in August.

For more info and to submit your work, visit our Call for Entries page.


Introducing our partner: Voicebooking.com May 3rd 2017

After a successful collaboration last year — introducing the new Voicebooking.com Award for Best Voices in a Commissioned Animation and an in-depth workshop about directing voice-overs for an animated film — we're excited to welcome Voicebooking.com as main partner! A word from our partner:

"Why we partnered up with KLIK? For starters, the faces behind KLIK are simply great to work with. The appeal of the festival as partner is mainly due to the high level of professionalism without compromising on fun. A perfect fit with how we like to work. In addition, KLIK's visitors and our clients share a lot of common ground. Every animator needs a voice-over for their work at some point, and we offer some of the most experienced native voices in the industry who voice characters on a daily basis.

Thanks to our collaboration we can create some great content for our audiences. Including a contest in which we give a fully arranged trip to the festival for our international clients, a workshop at the festival, and an award for the best voices in a commissioned animation. But the best thing about our partnership has to be the new ideas and insights when brainstorming with KLIK of course. That's what you get for partnering up with creatives!"

For more info about Voicebooking.com, visit their website.


We Want your Films! March 2nd 2017

KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival opens its Call for Entries.

For our international competition, we now accept films in the following categories:

  • Animated Short (films created outside of educational programs)
  • Animated Student Short (films finished while the maker was enrolled in an educational program)
  • Commissioned Animation (films commissioned by a third party)
  • Animated Documentary
  • Animated Music Video
  • Animated Virtual Reality
  • Outside of Competition (this includes e.g. films of which the duration does not exceed 25 minutes, art installations, and games)

Films selected for the categories Animated Short and Animated Student Short are eligible for the KLIK Amsterdam Audience Award and KLIK Young Amsterdam Audience Award.

Our Call for Entries closes on 1 June 2017. Don’t wait too long and fill out the entry form at www.klik.amsterdam. Here you'll also find our terms and conditions. KLIK does not charge entry fees for submitting a film to KLIK's competition, so go on then!

call for entries

Bram Kranendonk joins KLIK as Business Director February 9th 2017

KLIK is proud to welcome Bram Kranendonk to the KLIK ranks as KLIK’s Business Director. In his new role, Bram will be responsible for all of KLIK’s financial matters and KLIK’s On Tour program.

Having previously worked at organizations like The Netherlands Film Fund and Creative Europe Desk NL, the fields of finance, subsidiary funds and animation hold no secrets for Bram.

We're stoked to welcome Bram aboard as he’ll dive headfirst into the preparations for KLIK’s tenth anniversary edition.

business director

Happy Holidays from KLIK December 22nd 2016

To all our animation friends: KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2017 jam-packed with animated goodness.

season greetings

Alike wins the Pebble TV Young Amsterdam Audience Award 2016 October 30th 2016

The kids at KLIK have spoken: The animated short 'Alike' by Rafa Cano Méndez and Daniel Martínez Lara won the Pebble TV Young Amsterdam Audience Award 2016!

The film received the most votes from kids aged 5-12, who got to vote on their favorite film. The team of Pebble TV was presented the prize in our special Kids Award Show.

audience award

Award winners KLIK 2016 October 30th 2016

During last night's KLIK Awards Night, we honored the very best films of this year with a KLIK Award.

We proudly present a round-up of all our winners on our KLIK Awards page.


Michael Dudok de Wit wins World Domination Award 2016 October 26th 2016

On KLIK Opening Night, the jury unveiled Michael Dudok de Wit as the winner the World Domination Award 2016.

The jury stated: "Michael Dudok de Wit undeniably is the personification of the World Domination Award and very worthy of this honor. We treasure him and his work, and are proud that such a wonderful animation director has his roots in the Netherlands."

Go to the full jury statement about the winner and the nominees.

world domination award
michael dudok de wit
the red turtle
opening night
dutch animation

Parade selected as Dutch entry for the Oscars September 1st 2016

The film 'Parade' (2015) by Digna van der Put has been selected as the Dutch entry for the 2017 Oscars in the category Best Animated Short Film.

The selection committee applauded the film's perspective on life's parades and world history, both current and timeless.

We're immensely proud this wonderful film is one of KLIK! Distribution's titles. 'Parade' will be screening at KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2016, in the program 'Dutch Panorama'.

Watch the trailer of 'Parade'

Dan Meth named artist-in-residence at KLIK! June 30th 2016

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival has named award-winning cartoonist and animation director Dan Meth as its artist-in-residence for 2016. As part of his residency Meth will create animations and cartoons for the Amsterdam based animation festival’s social media platforms. A collection of his work will also be exhibited during the annual six-day festival, 25-30 October.

Read our full press release

artist in residence
social media

KLIK! presents the finest Dutch animation on London tour May 30th 2016

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival visits London for the fourth chapter of its European tour. The KLIK! EU Tour visits an array of animation studios, schools and festivals across Europe and hosts screenings of Dutch animated shorts. The KLIK! EU Tour is powered by the Creative Industries Fund, Netherlands Film Fund, and EYE International.

From 31 May until 3 June KLIK! visits studios Nexus, Blue Zoo, Animade, STUDIO AKA, Blinkink, and Mummu, and hosts screenings at the University of Bedfordshire and the Dutch Centre.

Joining us are Thijs Viegers (Studio Plumeau), Roy Nieterau (Colorbleed), Dario van Vree (Studio Pupil), and Marlies van der Wel (animation director).

Read our full press release


KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival showcases Dutch animation on Danish tour May 3rd 2016

KLIK! tours Copenhagen and Viborg for the third chapter of our European tour, promoting the wonders of Dutch animation. The KLIK! EU Tour is powered by the Creative Industries Fund, Netherlands Film Fund, and EYE International.

Joining us are animators Dario van Vree (Studio Pupil), Albert 't Hooft (Anikey Studios), Anneke de Graaf, and Sven Willem Stroomberg (Colorbleed) to the National Film School of Denmark, and animation studios Copenhagen Bombay, Sun Creature Studio, A.Film Production, Tumblehead, The Animation Workshop, and Nørlum.

Read our full press release


KLIK! brings Dutch animation to Germany April 21st 2016

KLIK! visits Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg for the second chapter of our European tour, promoting the wonders of Dutch animation. The KLIK! EU Tour is powered by the Creative Industries Fund, Netherlands Film Fund, and EYE International.

Joining us are animators Michiel Schellekens (MediaMonks) and Thijs Viegers (Studio Plumeau) to festivals FMX and Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS), and animation studios Woodblock, Studio Soi, and Studio Film Bilder.

Read our full press release here


Creative Industries Fund NL , Netherlands Film Fund and EYE International present: KLIK! EU Tour March 29th 2016

KLIK! is coming to a screen near you! We set out on a European tour, presenting Dutch films and filmmakers in nine animation cities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, and France.

The KLK! EU Tour is powered by the Creative Industries Fund NL, the Netherlands Film Fund and EYE International.

We're screening some of the wonders of Dutch animation, followed by Q&As and presentations. We're looking forward to meeting you there!

Our first ports of call: the UK and Ireland (4-9 April)

On 5 April KLIK!, Show Me The Animation and Rumpus Animation present a screening of the program ‘Dutch Delights’ at The Lanes Bristol, showcasing a selection of contemporary Dutch animated short.

On 6 April the UWE Bristol School of Animation hosts a screening for its students of the gender themed program 'Beyond Boys and Girls'.

On 7 April KLIK! organizes a Dutch-Irish meet-up at The National Gallery of Ireland in collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy in Dublin, presenting a collection of Dutch and Irish animated shorts, talks by filmmakers, and networking drinks. The program includes films such as A Single Life (Job, Joris & Marieke), Deadly (Aidan McAteer), Tea With the Dead (Gary Gill), and Panic! (Joost Lieuwma & Daan Velsink).

For the latest updates on the KLIK EU Tour and your local screenings, go to our EU Tour page.

on tour

Tech News from KLIK! February 29th 2016

As you may have noticed, we’re slowly moving beyond HD, entering the era of Ultra HD and 4K. Ultra HD means that the now standard HD picture will be twice as wide and high; the old HD resolution will fit 4 times in Ultra HD! And more pixels means a sharper picture is possible.

The hardware to produce 4K is already available for some time now, both for professionals in the creative industry and for consumers. And now, in the first quarter of 2016, the first Ultra HD Blu-ray player will be introduced, giving the distribution of 4K films another push.

So what’s the thing with Ultra HD and 4K?

When people talk about 4K they don’t always mean full-4K. There are actually two standards (we love standards that’s why we have so many of them):

There’s Ultra HD which is 3840x2160 pixels (1.78 aspect), twice the width and height of the current HD picture. Used for television and mainstream distribution, and probably also used with the new Ultra HD Blu-ray.

And then there’s 4K, the full-frame cinema standard 4096×2160, which is slightly wider than Ultra HD. But according to the DCI standard, the visible pixels will be 3996×2160 for Flat (1.85) and 4096×1716 for Scope (2.39).

Together with this standard, new color spaces, codecs and other technical stuff around this standard are being introduced to accommodate this new superb picture quality.

Do we need to submit films according to this new standard?

No, you don’t have to. At KLIK! we’re just expecting a shift, and we’re starting to receive 4K films since technology is now becoming widely available. That’s why we’ve adjusted the guidelines for receiving it in high quality, also for our archives and for future use. So if you do want to submit your films according to this standard, and have the right hardware to create razor sharp animations, you can!

But keep in mind that not all cinemas will be immediately ready for projecting 4K films. Because not all cinemas have 4K projectors and some screening rooms are so small, projecting in 4K won’t make a visual difference compared to 2K.

KLIK! is preparing for the 4K future, so we can check and archive 4K films, and on some occasions (and when possible) we'll also project in 4K.

Call for Entries 2016

KLIK! wants your films! Our Call for Entries is open until 15 June 2016. Want to submit your work? Find all you need to know on our Call for Entries page. Please read our updated master specs to ensure a correct delivery of your films.

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Award Winners KLIK! 2015 November 1st 2015

On Saturday KLIK! awarded the best animated shorts of this year's fest at the long-awaited Festival Awards Dinner.

That’s when the jury announced the winners of the highly desired KLIK! Awards for Best Professional, Student, Commissioned, and Political Animated Short, Best Animated Music Video, and Best Animated Short from an Emerging Country. And who’s the lucky KLIK! Amsterdam Audience Award winner.

The festivities then continued as we celebrated the latest and greatest Dutch animated shorts with our brand-new KLIK! NL Awards. We handed over a total of two awards selected from the following six possible categories: Craftsmanship, Bravery, Good Looks, Ingenuity, Emotional Impact, and Massive Laughs.

And the winners are....

KLIK! MediaMonks Award for Best Animated Short 2015

Sunday Lunch by Celine Devaux

KLIK! Award for Best Animated Student Short 2015

Palm Rot by Ryan Gillis

KLIK! Award for Best Commissioned Animation 2015

A.A. - Doors by Buck

KLIK! Award for Best Animated Music Video 2015

Benjamin Scheuer - Cookie Tin Banjo by Peter Baynton

KLIK! Award for Best Political Animated Short 2015

Dinner for Few by Nassos Vakalis

KLIK! Award for Best Animated Short from an Emerging Nation 2015

Light River by Sha Liu

KLIK! NL Award for Craftsmanship 2015

Zeezucht by Marlies van der Wel

KLIK! NL Award for Massive Laughs 2015

Paniek! by Daan Velsink and Joost Lieuwma

KLIK! Amsterdam Audience Award 2015

We Can't Live Without Cosmos by Konstantin Bronzit

KLIK! Young Amsterdam Audience Award 2015

The Tie by An Vrombaut

Special mentions

The following films received a special mention from the jury:

KLIK! Award for Best Animated Short from an Emerging Nation 2015

Noon by Tau-Hsin Yang

KLIK! Award for Best Animated Music Video 2015

Shaking Godspeed - She's Young by Alice Saey

KLIK! Award for Best Animated Student Short 2015

My Dad by Marcus Armitage

KLIK! Award for Best Animated Student Short 2015

Mortal Breakup Inferno by Paula Assadourian, Marlène Beaube, Débora Cruchon, Maxime Delalande, Thibaut Gayral, Batiste Perron


Bruno Felix wins World Domination Award 2015 October 28th 2015

KLIK! kicked off with its whirlwind Opening Night and awards the World Domination Award to Bruno Felix for his invaluable work for the Dutch animation sector.

Yesterday night KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival kicked off its eight edition with a mesmerizing opening ceremony. After an automata parade by The Cardboarders and a musical performance by The Leonids, the evening saw the bestowal of the annual World Domination Award. This highly coveted award honors an organization, studio, or individual that helped Dutch animation take another big step towards total world domination. The audience gave Bruno Felix of production company Submarine and distribution company Periscoop a thunderous applause as he was awarded the World Domination Award 2015.

Producer Bruno Felix was named winner from the top three nominees, by a jury consisting of Lisa Linde Nieveld (EYE International), Claire van Daal (Netherlands Film Festival), Peter Lindhout (Netherlands Film Fund), Tom van Waveren (VNAP), and Jiek Weishut (KLIK!).

The jury called Felix “Dutch animation’s valiant knight”, applauding his inimitable networking skills, strong love for animation, and his solid vision on the industry. Felix knows how to get stuff done and is always one step ahead — qualities he uses to the benefit of not only his production company Submarine but the whole Dutch animation sector. His distribution company Periscoop Film brings the best international feature-length animated films to Dutch cinemas, which is just as important as the other way around. In 2015 Bruno co-founded Periscoop, became Holland’s representative on Cartoon Media’s board, and won an Emmy for Last Hijack.

Director Hisko Hulsing and studio Pedri were also in the top three nominees. Hisko Hulsing gained international fame with his short film Junkyard. He takes on opportunities coming his way with passion and fire, plugging not just himself but also Dutch animation talent whenever he gets the chance. Studio Pedri manages to stay under the radar, which is quite strange since they craft the world’s best animation puppets. The last few years Pedri has been getting more involved as a co-production partner. Besides bringing work opportunities to the Netherlands, Pedri also brings international talent. In 2015 the studio won a Gouden Kalf for its co-produced animated short Under the Apple Tree.

KLIK!’s Opening Night marked the third edition of the World Domination Award.

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