World Domination Award 2018

What's the World Domination Award?

This year marks the sixth time we award the KLIK World Domination Award. This highly coveted award honors an organization, studio or individual that helped Dutch animation on a global scale (particularly in 2017-2018) and take a crucial step towards total world domination.

Deadline for your nomination is 14 September. The winner will be announced during the Opening Night of KLIK 2018.

Winner: hisko hulsing!

Jury Statement:

Hisko Hulsing won many international prizes for his animated short ‘Junkyard’. His eye-catching signature style led him to create the animated fragments in the American documentary ‘Cobain: Montage of Heck’, which sealed the Hollywood connection. His tireless efforts to establish his name abroad and to keep executing his American projects here with fellow Dutch professionals, makes him a true worldwide ambassador for Dutch animation. His current project, the Amazon series ‘Undone’ by the creators of ‘Bojack Horseman’, might just be the next big leap for Dutch animation.

Meet the jury

Claire van Daal (Nederlands Film Festival)

Erik van Drunen (Nederlands Filmfonds)

Lisa Linde Nieveld (EYE International)

Ton Crone (APN)

Lisette Looman (KLIK)

Meet the other nominees

Arthur van Merwijk is producer, creator, and show runner of the preschool hit series 'My Magic Pet Morphle'. It has generated more than 3 billion views and has over 4 million subscribers, all looking at content made with a small team in Amsterdam. This year Kidscreen announced a deal with a Californian licensing company, setting out to make Morphle a household name in kids’ media. As a real online entrepreneur, Arthur made many long-established professionals in the field notice his approach, and is an example for a whole new generation of independent online creators.

Directors Joost van den Bosch and Erik Verkerk created the internationally recognised preschool series ‘George & Paul’, as well as the tv-special ‘TEX’. With an unchanging drive, they’ve set sail for tv-series and feature films, to direct their own IP’s as well as others’. And their efforts have paid off: This year they were greatly involved in three (!) feature films: De ‘Tand des Tijds’, ‘Urbanus De Vuilnisheld’, and ‘Heinz the Movie’.

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