World Domination Award 2018

What's the World Domination Award?

This year marks the sixth time we award the KLIK World Domination Award. This highly coveted award honors an organization, studio or individual that helped Dutch animation on a global scale (particularly in 2017-2018) and take a crucial step towards total world domination.

Deadline for your nomination is 14 September. The winner will be announced during the Opening Night of KLIK 2018.

All submitted names for the World Domination Award 2018

Anikey Studios - Animation Studio

Daan Lucas - Animators

Hisko Hulsing - Director/Animator/Painter

Ka-Ching Cartoons - Animation Studio/Directors

Pegbarians - Animators

Piet Kroon - Director/Writer

Sander van der Eijk - Director/Filmmaker

Studio AFK - 2D animation studio

Van Merwyk Media - Director & Producer

Meet the jury

Claire van Daal (Nederlands Film Festival)

Erik van Drunen (Nederlands Filmfonds)

Lisa Linde Nieveld (EYE International)

Ton Crone (APN)

Lisette Looman (KLIK)

Ton Roosendaal (Blender) Wins KLIK World Domination Award 2017

Jury statement:

The inspiring journey of the free and open source animation software Blender started about 20 years ago, with Ton Roosendaal at the cradle. The development of both the software ánd their numerous short films is an international effort, with talent contributing from all over the world. The Blender foundation operates as the headquarters of this global movement from the heart of Amsterdam, combining a sense of practicality, a clever mix of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, with the higher goal of creating animation software that is accessible to anyone. This year Blender released a striking teaser for their feature film in development, Agent 327, based on the work of Dutch comic artist Martin Lodewijk. The teaser created a big buzz at festivals, as well as online, setting high hopes for the final result of this exceptionally ambitious project of bringing originally Dutch content and engineering to the world.

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