Tickets for individual screenings are available online here and at You can also purchase tickets at the EYE box office for €0.50 extra per ticket. If you're browsing the program on our website, you'll be redirected to EYE's website for payment.

Single Tickets

Interested in a program or two? Get a single ticket! You can find a ticket link at the top of each program page on our website, or you can directly go to the EYE website.

Please note: EYE does not accept cash, please don’t forget your ATM card. All screenings and our Animated Virtual Reality program are free for Cineville members.

Single Tickets

  • €10,00


  • Students* // € 8.50
  • Stadspas* // € 5
  • Cineville* // € 0

*Discounts are only valid in combination with the valid discount card.

Multi Pass

With the Multi Pass you get to pick and choose a total of five screenings and programs during KLIK 2018. You can use them all in a single day, share it with your friends, or come back any other day. Ultimate freedom!

Step 1
You can buy the Multi Pass here.

Step 2
Exchange your e-ticket for the Multi Pass at the KLIK desk during the festival.

Step 3
Pick up tickets for any KLIK screening at the EYE box office.

Multi Pass

  • €40,00


  • Student // €35,00

Please note: There is no refund if you don't finish all the screenings on your Multi Pass.

Unlimited Pass

Your KLIK Unlimited Pass gives you the full KLIK experience and access to all the screenings and some special programs during the entire festival.

Step 1
Order your Unlimited Pass here.

Step 2
Exchange your e-ticket for the Unlimited Pass (wristband) at the KLIK desk during the festival.

Step 3
Pick up tickets for any screening on the same day at the EYE box office.

Please note: You can only pick up tickets for screenings taking place on that same day. You can not pre-order or reserve tickets in advance. We always make sure that there is places left for Unlimited Pass holders!

KLIK Unlimited Pass

  • €75


  • Student // €70

Industry Accreditation

KLIK is not only about films, but about sharing knowledge, celebrating successes, and bringing together the incredible talent we welcome every year. Join our industry events on Thursday for in-depth presentations and conversation with the newest and/or best in animation.

Industry Accreditation grants you access to all the screening and parties of KLIK 2018, as well as all the Industry events hosted at THE BUTCHER Social Club on Thursday 11 October.

Step 1
Get your Industry Accreditation here.

Step 2
Choose if you want a ticket for the day (Industry Day ticket) or for the whole festival (Regular).

Step 3
Exchange your e-ticket at the KLIK desk.

Industry Accreditation (only for professionals)

  • Regular // €100
  • Industry Day Ticket // €25

Kids on Sunday

Kids under 12 years receive a special discount for our KLIK for Kids programming on Sunday 14 October. The perfect way for your mini-me to enjoy our kid-friendly programs and other fun activities. Please note: Kids are only allowed with adult supervision.

Kids on Sunday

  • €5

We Are Public

The following screenings will be available to We Are Public members:

Big Fish & Begonia
FRI 12 OCT | 22:30 | EYE 1

This Magnificent Cake!
WED 10 OCT | 20:30 | EYE 2

Yellow Submarine
> special screening only available for We Are Public members.

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