Urban Cycling Safari (canceled)

Fri 28 Oct, North Amsterdam, 19:00
Fri 28 Oct, North Amsterdam, 21:00
Sat 29 Oct, North Amsterdam, 19:30
Sat 29 Oct, North Amsterdam, 21:30

Watching shorts outdoors

Hey ho, let’s go! Grab your wheels and take them for a spin on this cycling expedition through North Amsterdam. This urban outing will get you rolling to three locations with a short film screened at each spot, mixing together the films and your surroundings into a unique new blend.

The tour will be leaving from, and return to, the KLIK Café. Make sure to bring your own bicycle; there’s only a limited number of bikes available for those without one. Grab a warm sweater and maybe even bring a pair of binoculars — you might spot some interesting Amsterdam wildlife (but please don’t feed the locals).

Our moving cinema is powered by Volle Band. Volle Band is an audiovisual performance collective centered around customized bicycles. Volle Band explores the local urban environment through guerrilla audiovisual performances; areas that are normally overlooked are proven to be very interesting once used as a stage for their bicycles.
The bicycle with its active and participatory attitude is the symbol of the new, inverted tourist exploring his/her direct environment that Volle Band advocates. The team consists of sound artist & composer Sjoerd Leijten, visual artist & animator Didier Jansen and psychiatrist Olle Kruyt.

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