|re|Framing Utopia

Tue 25 Oct, KLIK Cafe, 360min 17:00
Wed 26 Oct, KLIK Cafe, 600min 12:00
Thu 27 Oct, KLIK Cafe, 720min 10:00
Fri 28 Oct, KLIK Cafe, 720min 10:00
Sat 29 Oct, EYE Wardrobe, 720min 10:00
Sun 30 Oct, KLIK Cafe, 720min 10:00

Free entry

How do we envision the world we inhabit, and what does this tell us about the way we think of life in general? The landscape has always been a popular image in art, one that is tightly connected to our dreams and ideals, our vision of Utopia. Celebrating the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia, this exhibition explores our shifting perceptions of nature and our involvement in it.

Through installations ranging from experimental animated film and games, to architectural structures, this exhibition represents different animated views on our surroundings: Shifting perceptions of nature as a place of peace and quiet to an Anthropocene environment increasingly affected and modified by man — perhaps drawing us closer to Dystopia?

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