The Leonids - Satellite Broadcast Kill

Fri 30 Oct, EYE 1, 60min 23:00

Get ready for a mesmerizing performance by The Leonids, featuring the full band and their swirling, sparky pop songs. Named after the famous annual meteor showers in November, The Leonids perform accompanied by a live animation show in which video clips of drawings and cut-outs are projected by handmade animation machines, all performed and animated right there on stage.

This show, Satellite Broadcast Kill, presents a sequence of miniature stories inspired by the wonders of the universe, intertwining our earthly and mystical experiences, and is scored by instruments that were especially invented to capture these experiences. Over the course of this astonishing and intimate audiovisual journey, The Leonids will take you to places you’ve always been longing to visit, places you really thought you knew, and places you never even knew existed.

The Leonids are Sonja van Hamel (wurlitzer piano, vocals), Tessa Douwstra (guitars, vocals), Ralf Pouw (bass), Viktor van Woudenberg (drums), Annie Tangberg (cello), Isabella Petersen (viola), and Vera van der Bie (violin). Animation machines made and performed by Eddo Hartmann. Animations by Sonja van Hamel.

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