Navigating Through Hollywood Animation

Sat 31 Oct, EYE Room at the Top, 90min 13:30

A heart-to-heart with Jamie K. Bolio and Margie Daniels

Meet Margie Daniels and Jamie Kezlarian Bolio, two Hollywood veterans of traditional animation who started their extensive careers around the 1990's. Margie and Jamie worked together at Walt Disney Feature Animation on several films, including the classic Tarzan. Both women are currently pursuing careers beyond Disney: Margie as an independent artist, and Jamie with her PR company representing and promoting independent films/filmmakers.

In this intimate conversation, Margie and Jamie talk about how they started in animation, how their careers advanced, and how their career in animation has set the stage for the paths they’re on now. Got any burning questions for Jamie and Margie? Be sure to bring them along!

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