KLIK! Competitions

Animated Shorts 1

Wed 5 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 17:30
Sat 8 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 18:00

Murder and lust, tricks and treats, transmigration and alchemy... The animation world is full of contrasts and inhabited by eccentric figures. Just for starters: a melancholic cuckoo, a couple addicted to sugar, and a clumsy flat mate.

Animated Shorts 2

Wed 5 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 19:30
Thu 6 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 23:00
Sat 8 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 16:15

Animated Shorts 3

Wed 5 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 21:15
Thu 6 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 13:30
Sat 8 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 14:30

Animated Shorts 4

Thu 6 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 15:15
Sat 8 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 12:45

Animated Shorts 5

Thu 6 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 17:00
Sat 8 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 11:00

Animated Student Shorts 1

Wed 5 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 14:00
Fri 7 Nov, EYE 1, 70min 21:30

The deep friendship between a college student and his fridge, a wursty ode to film noir, unconditional fatherly love, and the distressing yet musical life of Lesley the Pony. 

Animated Student Shorts 2

Wed 5 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 15:45
Fri 7 Nov, EYE 1, 70min 16:15

Bring on the dog shows (poodles playing the piano, anyone?), kids in bear pajamas, ladies waiting in line for the bathroom, and goldfish geishas! 

Animated Student Shorts 3

Wed 5 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 17:30
Fri 7 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 14:45

Meet a deer with a dream, two brothers and their sick mother, a sheep with a crazy plan, and a girl with a serious passion for synthesizers. 

Animation for Hire

Thu 6 Nov, EYE 2, 65min 15:15
Sat 8 Nov, EYE 2, 65min 10:45

Size up these bite-sized commissioned films in king-size glory. Let the greatest new trailers, promos, bumpers, leaders, commercials, viral videos, and music videos unroll before your eyes. 

Political Animated Shorts

Thu 6 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 19:00
Sun 9 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 14:45

Animation once again demonstrates its ability to tackle current global issues head-on (ecology, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, LGBT equality and women’s rights, dictatorship), but also to look back at the past (the Argentinian junta and its political murders) through rich, original, and wacky means: a Machiavellian overcoat, an Iranian lifeguard contest, or an exclusive show featuring Mr. Putin and some bears... 

Best of KLIK! 2014

Sat 8 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 22:00
Sun 9 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 13:00
Sun 9 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 18:15

The Friday Morning Show

Fri 7 Nov, EYE Foyer, 90min 11:00

Gooooood morning KLIK! What better way to start your day than with some in-depth conversations led by your host Hans Walther? International filmmakers competing in the KLIK! Competitions will be sharing captivating stories and helpful thoughts on filmmaking. Check www.klikamsterdam.nl to find out which filmmakers will be present when. (free entrance)

The Saturday Morning Show

Sat 8 Nov, EYE Foyer, 90min 11:00

Gooooood morning KLIK! What better way to start your day than with some in-depth conversations led by your host Hans Walther? International filmmakers competing in the KLIK! Competitions will be sharing captivating stories and helpful thoughts on filmmaking. Check www.klikamsterdam.nl to find out which filmmakers will be present when. (free entrance)

The Music Channel

EYE Foyer

Animation triggers good vibes across the globe! Get dazzled by more than two hours of animated music videos from the entire world, displayed in EYE and the Cineville Caravan. A jury selected by 2Pause will award the winner an online spotlight on the 2Pause website. (ongoing program)

KLIK! Boys, Girls & Beyond!

It's a Gender Thing

Fri 7 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 21:30
Sun 9 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 18:15

Identity can be an ongoing struggle. What if you’re a dog, but you feel like a cat inside? Or how to resolve an internal conflict between your inner hooligan and your sensitive gay side? And just how do the Disney princesses cope with the gender norms they were drawn with? 

Our filmmakers want to share their identity issues with you in this animated shorts program. Often through humor, but sometimes also through painful and honest accounts of personal experiences. 

Happy to be a Cliché

Thu 6 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 17:00
Fri 7 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 19:45

Slowly but surely, the gender spectrum is expanding. Drag queens and tomboys are becoming widely accepted, so perhaps we can now even enjoy the other extremes, those of manly men or girly girls, for what they are. 

This program takes you to that familiar place where wild men spend their days chasing ladies, growing their beards, and talking dirty. A place where women gossip, dress up, and shop ad infinitum. Embrace the cliché!

Love Is...

Thu 6 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 22:30
Sat 8 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 20:00

Ah, l'amour… As difficult as it may be sometimes, it's also the greatest feeling ever. As to be loved is to be accepted completely for who you are — whether you’re a panda bear, a robot, or a samosa. True love knows no boundaries. This selection of films uncovers the beauty of love in all its forms and shapes. When you're starting to feel the love, just ask, the KLIK! visitor next to you might need a hug too.

Ladies' Night

Thu 6 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 20:45
Sat 8 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 12:30

What happens when women unleash their sexual thoughts and fantasies on film? Girlfriends enjoying an exciting night out, sexual fantasies of a female tram driver, a voracious vagina that cannot be silenced... Expect some bold no-nonsense statements by confident female animation directors from all around the world. Celebrate female sexuality with girlfriends enjoying an exciting night out, the sexual fantasies of a female tram driver, or a voracious vagina that cannot be silenced... 

Award-winning directors Michaela Pavlatova (Tram) and Monique Renault (A la votre, Long Live the Sexual Revolution!) join in for a Q&A moderated by DIEP Festival's director Marije Janssen.

Terribly Inappropriate and Uncomfortable Genderfucking Animation

Sat 8 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 23:30

Time to loosen up! All gender issues aside, let’s not take things too seriously and join us for this midnight program. You may be disturbed, you may feel awkward, you may even be disgusted. In any case, this set of films is sure to leave its mark on you for quite some time. 

Get ready for farting chicks, endless dicks, pubic bushes, and menstrual lollipops – nothing is too NSFW for you.

Queer Duck the Movie

Wed 5 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 23:00
Sat 8 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 21:45

Queer Duck and his fabulous friends (among them Bi-Polar Bear, voiced by Billy West of Ren & Stimpy and Futurama fame) are on a non-stop genderbending ride of outrageous comedy and serious confusion. When Queer Duck —“he can't even fly straight” — unexpectedly falls in love with retired starlet Lola, he hits a relationship crisis with his boyfriend, Openly Gator. Queer Duck starts to question his sexuality and wonders whether he’d perhaps be happier straight? The preacher who kidnaps and holds him hostage as part of a devious ‘straightening’ scheme definitely thinks so. Will Queer Duck figure himself out in time to save himself and his relationship?

With a theme song by drag-queen celebrity RuPaul and frequent Simpsons screenwriter Mike Reiss on board, Queer Duck the Movie is as scandalous as it is charming.

Gender Talks: Gay Curious

Sun 9 Nov, EYE Room With a View, 40min 13:30

Have you ever wondered about Bert and Ernie? Two grown puppets sharing a house and a bedroom… Seriously, are they really just friends? 

The real question, though, is: Why does it intrigue us so much? And it's not just Bert and Ernie, we also wonder about Ren and Stimpy, Brave's Merida, the Teletubbies, and pretty much every single Disney prince. What makes us label them 'secretly gay'? And enjoy it? 

GayPride Amsterdam's LGBTI-emancipation director Irene Hemelaar joins us in an attempt to answer these questions. (Language: Dutch)

Gender Talks: Transgender Modes to Decode

Sun 9 Nov, EYE Room With a View, 60min 14:30

Girls should be sweet and beautiful like Cinderella and boys should be big and tough like Batman. Popular culture is filled with such social codes, codes that tell us how to behave. But for those of us who won't conform to that one-size-fits-all marketing mold, it’s not as self-evident to know who our heroines or heroes are. If you are unsure about your gender identity, or if you differ from society's gender norms, who can you identify with?

Petra van Dijk, Jiro Ghianni, Eliza Steinbock, and Rein Anspach challenge your perceptions by sharing pop-culture fragments that influenced them throughout their lives.

Gender Talks: Boy Princesses & Girl Warriors

Sun 9 Nov, EYE Room With a View, 40min 16:00

Animation offers a terrific amount of freedom, being created out of an empty white paper. But don't be fooled—the medium is not at all free of social norms. Even the most elementary forms (Barbapapa, anyone?) get appointed one of the two genders.

Social scientist Linda Duits, specialized in popular culture, takes a look at the gender codes history has set for us, how they show in (television) animation and where they change.

Gender Talks: Gender Bending Anime

Sun 9 Nov, EYE Room With a View, 40min 17:00

Whereas Western society was recently shaken up when one openly gay character appeared in a mainstream animated film aimed at children (ParaNorman), Japanese popular culture has been featuring complex and fluid portrayals of gender for decades. With a completely different lens, Japanese animation provides fresh perspectives on portrayals of gender, family life, and relationships.

So throw away all those prejudices programmed by society and let Dr. Nicolle Lamerichs take you onto a historical anime journey filled with powerful women, gender-queer individuals, and super-cute dudes!

Muscle March


Muscle March, a game by NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. (2010)

Muscle March is a quirky Japanese action game stuffed full of macho body-builders. The almighty protein powder has been stolen, so it’s up to Tony and his muscle-bound crew to catch the thieves. Choose from a variety of perfectly sculpted superstars and bring these terrible villains to justice. (ongoing program,  EYE foyer)

Love Games


LOVE GAMES, an installation by Young Jumi (South Korea, 2013)

A never-ending hand-drawn animation about the games that lovers play. We see a couple tenderly teasing and flirting, and playfully hurting and comforting each other. Often shown as a short film, but originally meant as a loop presentation, KLIK! presents Love Games in its true, intended form. (ongoing program, EYE foyer)

Pony Parade


Pieterjan Ruysch aka Laserpon3 has become quite the star in the Brony community. His stunning laser animations are a tribute to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. (ongoing program, EYE foyer)



Dys4ia, a game by Anna Anthropy (2012)

Anna Anthropy made a game about her experience with hormone therapy. The game uses different levels to reveal the progress, often deliberately leaving the player confused, cheated, and lost in a simulation of Anthropy’s own story of transformation. (ongoing program, EYE foyer)

KLIK! Specials

Comedy Central: The Trippiest of TripTank Hosted by Comedian Greg Shapiro

Fri 7 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 19:45

Need an extreme dose of WTF? Then you're in for a treat, as comedian Greg Shapiro takes you on a crazy ride with the very best of Comedy Central's first TripTank season. Experience TripTank's ridiculous animated sketches like never before — on the big screen! Bonus: TripTank co-creators Jason Plapp and Angelo Di Nallo join for a Q&A through a live connection from LA!

Greg Shapiro is a loud American, trying to fit into our tiny Dutch country. He originally came to work at a comedy theater for a few months, but he met a Dutch woman and never managed to find his way back stateside. Now Shapiro is part of Amsterdam's biggest comedy show Boom Chicago, plays a news anchor at the satirical Comedy Central News, and acts in films and commercials. Dutch people like to tease him for his loud voice, his awkward Dutch, and his general Americanness. Greg has learned to beat them to the punch: he makes fun of his own country first, then he makes fun of theirs.

Cartoon Network: Next Generation

Thu 6 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 19:00

For the third time in a row, Cartoon Network returns to KLIK! The network is stronger than ever, enchanting kids and adults alike with relatable, quirky characters. This time they’re bringing the European premiere of the hilarious and endearing We Bare Bears, the Dutch premiere of the optimistic Clarence, and a very special double episode of Steven Universe.

But wait, there's more! None other than Steven Universe creator and comic artist Rebecca Sugar will be joining us for a Q&A through a live connection with the CN Studios in Los Angeles. She'll be taking the time to answer any and all of your questions. To top it off, you just might be the lucky winner of one of the famed Cartoon Network goodiebags...

Song of the Sea

Thu 6 Nov, EYE 1, 105min 20:45

Ben and his little sister Saoirse — the last Seal-child — embark on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic in an attempt to return home. Song of the Sea takes its inspiration from the selkies of Irish folklore who live as seals in the sea but become humans on land. 

Song of the Sea (2014) won't hit Dutch cinemas until February 2015, but KLIK! serves up a very special pre-premiere. After the screening, art director Adrien Merigeau and producer Ross Murray will be present to answer any question you can think of in a Q&A.

Original English version, no subtitles

Disney's Feast

Sat 8 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 20:00

Disney is coming to town! Its new movie Big Hero 6 is ready to hit theaters and as tradition implies, Disney will release a brand-new short along with its brand-new feature film. This time the honor goes to the 3D Feast, a beautifully crafted and tremendously sweet animated short that tells the story of one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend (and dog), Winston. The phases of their lives are revealed bite by bite through the meals they share.

This will be the very first screening of Feast in the Netherlands. To top it off, Disney's Josh Staub (VFX supervisor on Feast and also credited on Frozen, Rapunzel, Paperman, and Wreck-It Ralph) has come all the way from Los Angeles to share the story behind Feast. Don't miss it!

Masterclass Disney

Sat 8 Nov, EYE Room With a View, 150min 13:30

Learn the tricks of the trade from Disney’s Director Talent Development Dawn Ernster and VFX Supervisor Josh Staub through this up-close and intimate master class. Ernster and Staub will share how their careers arrived at this point, what it’s like going to work at the Mouse House every day, and what Disney is planning next.

Dawn Ernster attended the American Academy of Art, Chicago with an emphasis on Advertising and Design, but ultimately went into Resources. As the face of Disney’s global outreach, animation recruitment, and student and apprentice programs, she travels the world to find the next animation generation. Among other films, Ernster has been involved with Tangled, Winnie the Pooh, Bolt, Princess and the Frog, and Wreck-it Ralph.

Josh Staub started as Art Director for Cyan Worlds, known for creating popular games like Myst, Riven,and URU: Ages Beyond Myst, at just 22 years old. In 2007 he completed a solo film project, The Mantis Parable, which was an festival favorite, winning Best Animation at the Palm Springs Festival. That’s when Josh embarked on his animated film journey at Disney, working in the lighting and visual effects departments of Frozen, Wreck-it-Ralph, Tangled, Bolt, and Paperman.

PS: Don't be shy, bring your portfolio to receive some first-hand advice on developing your animation career!

Michaela Pavlatova's Unwavering Animated Oeuvre

Sat 8 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 16:15

Though Czech filmmaker Michaela Pavlátová graduated in animation from Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in 1987, she did so unintentionally. She’d wanted to enroll in painting, but the class was full. So she started animation and soon fell in love with the medium’s creativity and its God-like feeling of control. 

Pavlátová’s work depicts life and relationships through dark humor and a fresh sense of irony, never shying away from controversial subjects. Her career so far has been remarkable, with her short Words, Words, Words (1991) nominated for an Academy Award, Repete (1995) receiving a Golden Bear, and Tram (2012) winning the Annecy Cristal. It was about time we invited her to Amsterdam. For this retrospective, Pavlátová will dive into her oeuvre, discussing and showing her unwaveringly awesome body of work. 

Animated Documentaries

Wed 5 Nov, EYE 1, 70min 23:00
Fri 7 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 13:00

While going over the huge number of competition entries we received this year, we noticed a slight increase in documentary animation compared to previous years. Time for a spotlight! Animated documentaries are a special breed, as they can shine a bright new light on reality. The documentaries compiled in this program contain some tough subject matter: personal stories about WWII, an encounter with a homeless man, and being gay in a hooligan community. All touching stories with the occasional — gulp! — lump in your throat.

Emerging Animation Countries

Sun 9 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 16:30

This year KLIK! received over 1500 animated short films from more than 70 countries. Not every nation has a big tradition in the art of animation, but talent seems to be sprouting everywhere like Starbucks. For the third year running, we have curated an intriguing selection of animation created in, amongst others, Afghanistan, Mexico, Iraq, Tunisia, and Ghana. Expand your horizons!

Dutch Delights

Tue 4 Nov, EYE 2, 90min 21:00
Sun 9 Nov, EYE 1, 90min 20:00

Every year we proudly present a selection of homegrown (student) shorts, TV series, and commercials produced over the past two years. Afterwards, all your burning questions can be answered, as many of the films' creators will attend the screenings. 

P.S. The Sunday showing of Dutch Delights includes KLIK!'s Closing Ceremony, in which we look back at this, the seventh edition of the festival. 

They Move, So They Are

Wed 5 Nov, EYE 2, 90min 19:15

For this program, some of the best-known contemporary Dutch animators pick and present the latest crop of talents; either students or recent graduates. Both the current and the next generation share their work and their thoughts, hopes, and dreams for the medium and for Dutch animation, discussing what moves them in their work.

They Move, So They Are is presented in cooperation with the Nederlands Film Festival (Dutch Film Festival), in honor of the late Dutch animation director Gerrit van Dijk.  

This program is spoken in Dutch

Midnight Madness

Fri 7 Nov, EYE 1, 90min 23:30

KLIK!'s #1 audience favorite returns! Surrender yourself to your hosts Mathijs Stegink and Luuk van Huet. Let them bewilder you with the most bizarre, wondrous, and unhinged animated shorts. 

They will guide you through a program that contains the strangest in contemporary animation. You won’t know what happened to you. We promise. Just keep repeating: “It's only a movie! It's only a movie! It's only a movie…” 

Disclaimer: Neither the KLIK! Foundation, nor hosts Mr. Stegink and Mr. Van Huet are responsible for any kind of damaging effect Midnight Madness might have on your brain. 

I Know That Voice

Sat 8 Nov, EYE 2, 90min 14:15

We hate to break it to you, but your favorite animated characters are not real. They get their voices, and often also their personalities, movements, and features, from actors, or rather: voice actors. Just like the animators, you can't see them on screen, but they are the ones breathing life into the character.

Through many interviews, the documentary I Know That Voice (2013) puts faces to the animated characters we love so dearly. Get ready to meet the voices behind Futurama's Bender (John DiMaggio), The Powerpuff Girls' Bubbles (Tara Strong), and Batman (Kevin Conroy)! 

KLIK! Light Forms

Exhibit: Solid Light Films and Other Works


From 28 September to 30 November, EYE presents the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands by British artist Anthony McCall. McCall’s monumental light-projection installations, at once minimalist in form and magical in effect, theoretical in essence, and visceral when experienced, challenge the visitor directly, even physically.

With works from the early 1970s to 2014, this exposition curates drawings, photographs, various documentation, and solid light films to present an enlightening overview of McCall’s bright body of work.

Luminous Animated Works

Tue 4 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 19:15
Sat 8 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 18:15

In light of EYE's exhibit on Anthony McCall, EYE and KLIK! bring you a sparkling selection of animation created with, or inspired by, light. Classic and contemporary works from both EYE and KLIK!'s archives span more than half a century of exploring animated illumination. Enjoy gorgeous Norman McLaren films on 35mm, Glen Keane's newest Google short Duet, and an in-depth introduction by EYE's Simona Monizza. 

The exhibit Anthony McCall – Solid Light Films and Other Works (1971-2014), can be seen from September 28 until November 30. 

Laser non Laser

Sat 8 Nov, K Space, 360min 15:00

Illusory 3D and accelerating beats simulate the sensations of travel through time and space. Laser Non Laser is an encapsulating experience in which animated green objects projected through fog turn into gigantic beams of light. Spacy!

Laser Non Laser can be seen at K-Space, A LAB. But for your convenience we will take a group of visitors there. You can assemble at the KLIK! Desk (inside EYE). 

Workshop Light Painting

Thu 6 Nov, K Space, 150min 20:30
Fri 7 Nov, K Space, 150min 19:00

In this workshop, we’ll be taking light painting to the max, using the technique for stop-motion animation! You’ll learn how to draw freehand using a flashlight or any other light source, how to make brilliant light images in sequence, and how to make them move. Purely luminous magic.

The Light-painting Workshop will be held at K-Space in A Lab. But for your convenience we will take you there in groups. You can assemble at the KLIK! Desk (inside EYE)

Octo Madness: 3D Zoetrope


This year, Watermelon Animation challenged themselves to build a 3D-printed zoetrope. Designer and animator Klaas-Harm de Boer uses solid printed models to create very flexible characters that show the power and freedom of animation. The result, Octo Madness is a combination of 3D-animation and printing, all hammered, painted, and glued together, taking animation out of the digital realm and into one IRL installation. (ongoing program, EYE garderobe)

KLIK! Industry

Script Dating

Sun 9 Nov, K Space, 180min 12:30

In cooperation with Amsterdam Writers, KLIK! organizes its third edition of Script Dating, where animators and writers meet, network, and learn about writing scripts for the animated medium. If you’re a writer or animator (or a bit of both) and would like some expert feedback on a project amidst a group of friendly kindred spirits, then don’t miss out on this popular event!

Script Dating is an intensive afternoon workshop in which screenwriters and animators discuss their animated film ideas and projects with professional writers and with each other. Participants receive specific personal feedback from professional script advisor Matthew Curlewis (Amsterdam Writers) and Jantiene de Kroon (Mooves), both Script Dating veterans. It’s not all about advice though, as this is also the perfect spot to meet and chat with potential creative partners.

How to apply

1. Be sure to get your Script Dating ticket soon! You'll need it, also if you have a Sunday or Unlimited Pass. To preserve the quality and personal attention, places are limited.

2. Send us as much information as you can fit on up to 3 A4 pages of words and/or images in advance, answering the questions: Who are your characters? What world are they in? What’s the story? E-mail your document to scriptdating@klikamsterdam.nl.

Script Dating will take place on Sunday, 9 November, from 12h30 to 15h30. We'll be waiting for you at the KLIK! Desk (inside EYE) at 12h20. From there we’ll head to the super-secret Script Dating location (K-Space) together.

While your at it take a look at scriptbank.nl too. It's the perfect place for you as a writer to connect with directors, editors and producers!

Pixar: Building Tools for Telling Stories

Fri 7 Nov, EYE 1, 120min 10:15

Michael B. Johnson has been involved in most of Pixar's feature films and short films. He will share his perspective on the Pixar film-making process; one which involves both creative story tellers wanting things they don't understand how to make and flexible technologists who are more concerned with empowering their users than winning an argument with them. Technology and art go hand in hand at Pixar — each challenges and reinforces the other.

Come along as tech-savvy Michael Johnson aka The Wave, tells stories from inside their process; sharing the how and the why. Join him as he tries to explain how Pixar always manages to keep their eye on the big prize - a compelling story, well told.

This unique event is organized in cooperation with iMMovator, a network organization for the cross media industries, as part of their Meet the Master series.

The Case of Co-producing Trippel Trappel

Fri 7 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 12:45

Part of the feature-length animation wave that has hit the Netherlands this past decade, Trippel Trappel (or Triple Trouble, 2014) has been long awaited. With a story based on the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas and top-notch hand-drawn animation and backgrounds crafted in Belgium, the movie has been an exciting journey. It premiered this fall and will enjoy a special screening on KLIK!'s Sunday afternoon.

In this presentation, however, directors Albert 't Hooft and Paco Vink (Anikey Studios) will walk and talk you through their super-secret production bible. Their Belgian colleague Inge Daveloose (background supervisor) joins in as well, expanding on the complex but rewarding process of international co-production.

The Case of Creating Song of the Sea

Fri 7 Nov, EYE 1, 60min 18:00

Five years ago, the animated feature-length film The Secret of Kells (2009) shook up the international animation community with its unique, gorgeous and daring sense of design. Since then, the Irish Cartoon Saloon has been incredible busy working on their next masterpiece, Song of the Sea (2014), which will experience its Dutch pre-premiere at KLIK!.

In their presentation art director Adrien Merigeau and producer Ross Murray talk about developing the story, exploring the design, directing a team in five (!) different European countries, and everything else you have ever wanted or will ever want to know about creating gorgeous feature-length animation.

Finding Their Voices: A Conversation with Dutch Voice Actors

Fri 7 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 14:30

In line with the Saturday screening of I Know That Voice, a documentary on American voice acting, we'll take a dive into the hidden world of Dutch voice actors. Different generations come together to talk about their work in television and cinema animation: When and how did they get into voice acting? What's the process of getting into character like? What's the most difficult voice they’ve ever done? How do they manage to dub pre-recorded animation?

These and many more questions will be answered in this special panel, consisting out of voice actors Lizemijn Libgott (Adventure Time, Phineas and Ferb), Reinder van der Naalt (Trippel Trappel, Duck Tales) en Arnold Gelderman (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast), hosted by director Hans Walther. After the panel there will of course be plenty of room to ask the voice actors your own questions!

Spoken language: Dutch

Debutante Ball 2014

Fri 7 Nov, EYE 2, 60min 16:30

The graduating classes of 2014 from AKV|St. Joost, ArtEZ, WdKA (Willem de Kooning Academie), and HKU will here present themselves through one-minute showreels. 

Gathering the next generation of Dutch animation all together in the same place at the same time, the annual Debutante Ball is the perfect opportunity for professionals to discover who to call the next time they need a precise miniature builder, realistic CGI modeler, cartoony 2D animator, or anything else you might wish for. 

Debutante Ball 2014 is supported by the Association of the Netherlands Animation Producers (VNAP), AKV|St. Joost, ArtEZ, WdKA, and HKU. 

Celebrating 5 Years of Ultrakort

Fri 7 Nov, EYE 2, 75min 18:00

In 2010 Pathé, the Dutch Film Fund and SNS Reaal Fund launched their competition 'Ultrakort' which has funded four animated shorts (and by 'short' we mean ultra-short—2 minutes max) every year. Cinema Pathé gave the shorts a platform by programming them in front of big blockbusters. Ultrakort's first five editions with 20 films total have gone down in history, reaching a dazzling amount of 2.5 million cinema viewers, and the winners of the sixth will be presented mid November. So much glory and so much more to come, that calls for a celebration!

We've dug up all Ultrakort shorts up until now, showing the incredible span in theme and design. Pathé's Rink Klaassen and several Ultrakort creators will join us for a Q&A, talking about their experiences and give away their secret recipes of success!

Consultation Hour with Stimuleringsfonds

Fri 7 Nov, EYE Foyer, 90min 13:00

Been wondering about (crowd)funding your film, but never had the time, the determination, or the nerve to learn more? Worry no longer, representatives from CineCrowd and the Creative Industries Fund NL will be totally approachable when they come to KLIK! for their consultation hours in EYE's foyer. Go ahead and start a one-on-one conversation and finally have all your unanswered questions answered. All free and without any commitment.

14:45 – 16:45 Consultation Hour with CineCrowd

CineCrowd is an international crowdfunding platform for cinema. It supports professional animators in financing their films by providing personal advice on their project and on how to setup the best possible crowdfunding campaign. Come by to meet the people behind CineCrowd and ask any questions you might have. If you want to be sure of a spot, let them know via info@cinecrowd.nl.

13:00 – 14:30 Consultation Hour with Creative Industries Fund NL

The Creative Industries Fund NL (Stimuleringsfonds) is able to provide subsidies for cultural projects in the Netherlands and abroad through its Design, E-culture, and Internationalization grant programs. Are you an animator, cartoonist, illustrator, or designer with an idea for an innovative project? During this consultation session they will answer your questions and offer advice on formulating a project plan or submitting an application for a subsidy. Drop by or make an appointment in advance via H.vandePoel@stimuleringsfonds.nl, mentioning 'Consultation @ KLIK!' in the subject line, your name, and the relevant topic. (free entrance)

Consultation Hour with CineCrowd

Fri 7 Nov, EYE Foyer, 120min 14:45

CineCrowd is an international crowdfunding platform for cinema. It supports professional animators in financing their films by providing personal advice on their project and on how to setup the best possible crowdfunding campaign. Come by to meet the people behind CineCrowd and ask any questions you might have. If you want to be sure of a spot, let them know via info@cinecrowd.nl. (free entrance)

KLIK! for Kids

Animated Shorts for Kids (6-9)

Sun 9 Nov, EYE 2, 60min 13:00

Especially for kids between 6 and 9, we created a fun collection of short animated adventures, slapstick, and unforgettable stories. All films are without dialogue for kids with any language background to enjoy!

Animated Shorts for Kids (9-12)

Sun 9 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 14:30

We’ve collected the greatest, funniest, and most exciting animated shorts for kids from 9 to 12 (as well as their proud parents). Films that are in English have Dutch subtitles. 

Trippel Trappel

Sun 9 Nov, EYE 2, 70min 16:15

A team of three pets, a playful ferret, a sweet canary bird and a know-it-all stick insect, head out to ask Saint Nicolas presents for their animal friends and themselves. Their journey is filled with adventures and their friendship is severely tested. Most of all, ferret Fred has to choose between his love for toys and his friends — a difficult choice, as any kid can acknowledge.

Trippel Trappel (or Triple Trouble, 2014) is a Dutch/Belgian feature-length animated film made for kids and their families. The film's in Dutch, but at KLIK! the film will be shown with glorious English subtitling for our international friends to enjoy.

Artistic Crêpe


The boys from Hotmamahot will be baking the most amazingly shaped pancakes. Did you ever fantasize about taking a bite out of Spongebob? Or even a unicorn? Or a monster? Yes, it’s all possible in tasty 2D. With syrup, of course.

De jongens van Hotmamahot zullen de mooiste pannekoek voor je bakken. Wil je Spongebob, een eenhoorn of een monster? Het kan allemaal, maar wel in 2D. Met stroop natuurlijk.

KLIK! Events

Opening Night

Tue 4 Nov, EYE 1, 75min 19:00

Animatiedagen Awards Night

Wed 5 Nov, EYE 2, 60min 21:30

After spending five full days sweating over short new animations, the 40 participants of the KLIK! Animatiedagen (Animation Days) are ready to proudly present their results. Who will take home the precious Golden Waffle? Find out during the Animatiedagen Awards Night! (free entrance)

BYOB Party

Thu 6 Nov, Elsewhere, 240min 22:00

At a yet-to-be-announced location we offer our filmmakers and foreign guests a chance to get know each other. Bring along specialty beverages from your native country or just a few wine bottles from the night shop, with guests like these, it doesn’t take much to get the party started. Sorry, invitation only.

Festival Awards Night

Sat 8 Nov, Tolhuistuin Concertzaal, 60min 21:15

Expect high drama and rapturous KLIK! action during the long-awaited Awards Night. It will be our jury members' great delight to hand over the highly desired KLIK! Awards to the very best professional, student, commissioned, and political entries. The audience will get to speak their mind as well, through the announcement of the lucky KLIK! Amsterdam Audience Award winner. (free entrance)

KLIK! KLIK! BOOM! The Smutty Edition

Sat 8 Nov, Tolhuistuin Concertzaal, 330min 22:30

When KLIK! parties, we go all the way. Put on your sleaziest outfit and you’ll fit in perfectly in our disturbingly friendly setting, this time powered by artist Sandra Kaas.

Starting off this smutty edition with a little theatricality is N.I.K., the hopelessly romantic, spandex-wearing androgynous icon. Nik van den Berg’s raw, sexy R&B songs with an ironic twist should be great foreplay for what follows: A funky freak show packed with flirtatious side acts like Dolle Ola’s puppet striptease from puppeteer Eva van Heijningen. Throughout, there’ll be plenty of time to cram your steamy bodies on the dance floor. Bring on the DJs! Jules de la Courgette, Primo Disco, and René Thie (in order of appearance) will bring the happy, the soulful, the sleazy, and the funky all night long.

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