Awards & Jury 2016

The KLIK Awards 2016

Every animated short has its own unique quality, of course. And still we ferociously kill our darlings and pick the very best for the prestigious KLIK Awards.

What do they win? A beautiful sculpture from Klaas-Harm de Boer, money to invest in their next prize-winning animated short (or to splurge on endless rounds of beers for all their collaborators), and most of all, eternal fame and fortune.

KLIK has awards in the following categories:
KLIK Award for:

  • Best Animated Short
  • Best Animated Student Short, powered by Cartoon Network
  • Best Commissioned Animation
  • Best Animated Music Video, powered by Xite
  • Best Animated Virtual Reality
  • Best Animation for Art Lovers
  • Best Animated Documentary
  • Best Funny & Trippy Toons
  • Best Political Animated Short
  • Best Animated Short from an Emerging Animation Nation

And the

  • KLIK Amsterdam Audience Award
  • Young Amsterdam Audience Award
  • Award for Best Voices in a Commissioned Animation, powered by
  • KLIK NL Awards for three out of the following categories:
    Craftsmanship, Bravery, Good Looks, Ingenuity, Emotional Impact, Massive Laughs.

Child Dream by Christophe Gerard

KLIK Award for Best Animated Short 2016

Party by Daniel Barany

KLIK Award for Best Animated Student Short 2016

Slack by Nexus, Smith & Foulkes

KLIK Award for Best Commissioned Animation 2016

De Staat - Witch Doctor by Studio Smack, Floris Kaayk

KLIK! Award for Best Animated Music Video 2016

Mrs. Metro by Aggelos Papantaniou

KLIK Award for Best Political Animated Short 2016

Tough by Jennifer Zheng

KLIK Award for Best Animated Documentary 2016

Marketed Collecting - Daukante Subaciute

KLIK NL Award for Massive Laughs 2016

Parade by Digna van der Put

KLIK NL Award for Emotional Impact 2016

Pregnant by Mascha Halberstad

KLIK NL Award for Good Looks 2016

Alike by Rafa Cano Mèndez & Daniel Martínez Lara

Pebble TV Young Amsterdam Audience Award 2016

Decorado by Alberto Vazquez

KLIK Amsterdam Audience Award 2016

My Life I Don't Want by Nyan Kyal Say

KLIK Award for Best Animated Short from an Emerging Animation Nation 2016

Seed Matters by Buck Award for Best Voices in a Commissioned Animation

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