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We're op for business. Join KLIK 2018!

For our international competition, we now accept films in the following categories:

  • Animated Short (films created outside of educational programs)
  • Animated Student Short (films finished while the maker was enrolled in an educational program)
  • Commissioned Animation (films commissioned by a third party)
  • Animated Documentary
  • Animated Music Video
  • Animated Virtual Reality
  • Other (this includes e.g. films with a duration of more than 25 minutes, art installations, or games)

Films selected for the categories Animated Short and Animated Student Short are eligible for our Audience Award.

Our Call for Entries closes on 1 June 2018 and 1 July for students. Don’t wait too long and fill out the entry form here. We do not charge entry fees for submitting a film to our competition.

BRING IT ON! We can't wait to see what you got in store for us.

KLIK Celebrated 10 Year Anniversary: 17-22 October 2017 at EYE Filmmuseum

We celebrated our tenth edition with six days of animation-awesomeness. There was something for everyone: Whether you're an animation fanboy/girl, animation professional, student, or designer.

Like every year, we presented the world’s best animated shorts and feature films, matched with in-depth presentations, workshops, and zany parties.

Our 2018 edition is coming up 9-14 October. Immerse yourself in absolute animation frenzy and take part in this warm celebration of all that is animation.

Aneta Ozorek New Artistic Director

We are proud to announce that Aneta Ozorek will be taking on the role as artistic director. The Polish-born festival curator, illustrator, and film expert extraordinaire has over 15 years of experience in the industry and will be spearheading KLIK’s international ambitions.

Aneta has a strong background in curating and developing animation initiatives in Poland and other European countries. As new artistic director of KLIK, she intends to further establish KLIK as a festival that finds unique ways to connect art and business; and to intensify the international promotion of Dutch animation in Europe and beyond.

Aneta elaborates: “Everything started with chaos: friends, poetry, an experimental approach, brave program decisions, and a passion for the art of the moving image. KLIK was always connecting and inviting, never exclusive. Always collaborating, never competing. To set up an inspiring path into the future, we aim to further establish KLIK as platform that connects the greatest names in animation history with debutants and the biggest studios with independent artists. An innovative approach to connecting art and business will be a core element of the KLIK identity. We are witnessing a multitude of international partnerships that take animation to a global scale, rarely seen before. KLIK wants to contribute to this process by building a European and global strategy for the whole industry.

Ozorek steps into the footsteps of former artistic director Yvonne van Ulden, who led the organization for the past 9 years and helped develop it into an international player in the animation industry. Together with general director Bram Kranendonk, Aneta Ozorek will lead us into a prosperous future.

Meet the KLIK 2017 jury

Meet the members of our esteemed jury, who will be deliberating and selecting the best animated shorts from our Catch of the Year program.

Jury 1

Best Animated Short // Animated Student Short, powered by Cartoon Network

Hisko Hulsing

Greg Lawson

Jericca Cleland [Nørlum]

Jury 2

Best of Emerging Nations // Animation for Art Lovers // Political // Animated Documentary

Douwe Dijkstra [Filmmaker]

Sandra Beerends [NTR Television]

Leenke Ripmeester [EYE Collectie]

Jury 3

Best of Commissioned Shorts // Funny & Trippy Toons // Music Videos, powered by Xite // NL Awards

Thomas Bertrand Batlle [Bandits Collective]

Klaas-Harm de Boer [Filmmaker]

Geert Nellen [Digital Dreams]

The winners of the KLIK 2017 Frankies

Who will go for the gold? This year, we got 1.975 entries representing 80 countries, from Iceland to India, but only a chosen few convinced our three independent juries of (inter)national experts and became KLIK champions of 2017.

The winners can expect everlasting glory and (minor) riches to invest in future films. During our Awards Night on Saturday 21 October 2017, champions took home their very own coveted Frankie – a sculpture of our awards mascot and a symbol of ultimate animation achievement.

See all the winners here.

Theme Program: Never Grow Up

The theme of this year’s festival was "Never Grow Up”, because we hope you don’t. We want you to laugh out loud, be silly, cry if you feel like it, and stay curious forever.

This means exploring the expectations and experiences that come with age, for instance in the wonderfully childlike Brazilian feature Boy and the World and the hilarious and touching Spanish film, Wrinkles, about seniors in a retirement home.

If you want something short but sweet, then check out our special compilation programs about everything from rejecting adult apprehensions in favor of living your dreams in YOLO, to the trials and tribulations of reaching maturity in Growing Pains.

So forget those pesky numbers in your passport about how old you are and join us on this journey through the ages.

LEADER KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2017

This year’s festival leader is a humorous trip down memory lane. In honor of our theme, Never Grow Up, KLOMP! Animation created a nostalgic homage to shows and films many of us grew up with and which still have an impact on our lives, from Steamboat Willie to Looney Tunes, Pokémon, Transformers, Dragon Ball Z, The Lion King, and plenty of other classics. Main character Klikbert the klikker runs through different styles and settings to finally make it to KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival.

The trailer is the result of collaboration between KLOMP! Animation, Colorbleed, Studio Plumeau, Elephant Ears, Kasper Werther, Hilde Buiter, Kabo Lam, and others.

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