World Domination Award 2017

What's that?

This year marks the fifth time we get to present the KLIK World Domination Award. This highly coveted award honors an organization, studio or individual that helped Dutch animation take another crucial step towards total world domination (particularly in 2016-2017).

Don't wait any longer, nominate now! (or at least before 25 September)

Meet the jury

Claire van Daal (Nederlands Film Festival)

Erik van Drunen (Nederlands Filmfonds)

Lisa Linde Nieveld (EYE International)

Daan Velsink (VNAP)

Dario van Vree (KLIK)

Michael Dudok de Wit wins World Domination Award 2016

On KLIK Opening Night, the jury unveiled Michael Dudok de Wit as the winner of the World Domination Award 2016.

The jury stated: "Michael Dudok de Wit undeniably is the personification of the World Domination Award and very worthy of this honor. We treasure him and his work, and are proud that such a wonderful animation director has his roots in the Netherlands."

The full jury statement about the winner and the nominees

Michael Dudok de Wit is a promotional display for Dutch animation like one could only dream of. He is, as it's called, in a league of his own. Earlier this year, with The Red Turtle, he built a bridge between Dutch and Japanese design in a way no one could have imagined. Dudok de Wit has set the bar high for animation that's gorgeous, smart and full of compassion.

Floris Kaayk creates a kind of art like no other. Already at the time of his first productions the animator and artist gets featured and celebrated because of his unique signature. Over and over Kaayk manages to create distinctive productions - as enigmatic as they are mediagenic - that are much talked about. He possesses a curious, remarkable animation quality that appeal to one's imagination and goes viral all over the world. And there's much more to look forward to in his future.

Ton Roosendaal, founder of open source software Blender, might be more famous abroad than he is in the Netherlands. The farther away we go, the more we hear his name. Roosendaal is a creative developer with his very own, vivid vision that's a key factor in the highly competitive international market. Roosendaal is one of those people behind the scenes in our Dutch animation industry who are invaluable and unparalleled.

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