The KLIK foundation is a national and international force in provocative quality animation. With the festival as KLIK's flagship, and other exciting activities happening in its wake, we bring our passion for and knowledge of animation to a wide audience. With different themes each year we’re not just entertaining our visitors, we’re also trying to make them think about larger issues at play in society. At the same time, KLIK functions as a platform, knowledge hub and catalyst for the sector.

KLIK treats animation as an independent art form instead of treating it as a genre of film and aims to make the medium of animation, in the broadest sense of the word, accessible to a wider audience in fresh and exciting new ways to stimulate the emancipation of the medium as a fully realized art form. To this end, KLIK has organized the annual KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival since its inception in 2007 and a host of other activities throughout the year. Throughout the years KLIK has evolved into a brand with international allure and range. The activities organized by KLIK have become events where anyone who is interested in animation gathers and meets with likeminded souls and have created a growing community where animation professionals and animation lovers meet and enjoy the medium together.


KLIK aims to show that animation is much more than the simplistic or childish medium that high-brow culture purports it to be. Animation is more than film, it is a unique art form with its own visual grammar and endless possibilities and purposes.

Animation has special cinematographical qualities; it’s capable of bridging the gap between enjoyable and serious subjects. Animation possesses an accessible grammar and a playfulness that is as universal as it is easy to grasp while at the same time being capable of engaging complex and relevant subjects. The medium is capable of highlighting the essence of a subject by creating all elements out of nothing, unhindered by the static buzz of reality. Through its free and metaphorical language and a clear distance from historical reality, animation is able to comment on events without becoming pedantically didactic, comparable to the political cartoon. Animation is capable of looking at the world around it, but is also reflective of its own artificiality, its author(s) and its place in the world. The accessible nature of the medium also makes it possible to address sensitive subjects in a thought provoking manner, inviting the audience to accept ideas that normally exist outside of their comfort zone and challenging preconceptions and prejudices.

Animation is all around us, showcasing a wide variety of forms, shapes and sizes; feature length films, short films and commercials, in different environments like the cinema, on the TV at home or in museums and even mixed in with an array of different techniques as installations, games, mobile apps and VJ-material. The ease with which animation adapts itself and embraces new technology and techniques guarantees the continued growth of the medium.

​Creative industry

KLIK strives to stimulate the Dutch animation sector and provide it with an international showcase. Animation is a growing medium. More and more animation is being produced, the number of applications is rising and animation is a growing market. The Netherlands is blessed with an animation sector that shows considerable talent and creative potential. However, the Netherlands lacks the necessary infrastructure to accommodate these developments and to make the industry bloom in the same way it has in surrounding countries such as Belgium and Denmark. The Netherlands needs a new contemporary platform for animation to stimulate the growth of the medium and to facilitate the accompanying infrastructure.

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