In November 2019 KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival and Holland Animation Film Festival join forces to bring you a new animation festival that combines the best of both: cutting-edge experimental arthouse and the very best of all things animated with an added bonus of a focus on family and kids. KLIKxHAFF Festival (working title) is organised by KLIK Foundation and Stichting Holland Animation Film Festival.

With the festival as our flagship, and other exciting activities happening in its wake, we bring our passion for and knowledge of animation to a wide audience. With different themes each year, we’re not just entertaining our visitors, we’re also trying to make them think about larger issues at play in society. At the same time, we will function as a platform, knowledge hub and catalyst for the sector.

The very first edition of our festival will take place in November 2019 in different locations in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Marketing Manager KLIKxHAFF

For our very first edition of KLIKxHAFF we are looking for an experienced, creative marketing magician. Apply now!


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