GIF Parade

Our GIF project is a virtual promenade where GIF characters do what they do best: loop, loop and loop some more.

We're always looking for new friends to loop with, so if you'd like to join us, send one to:


Update: We want all colors!

Make the background transparent and the size of the GIF 442x442 pixels.

Optional: Send us the url to your personal website, behance profile, blog ect. and we'll link the gif to your site.

Sending in your GIF does not mean that we automatically upload it here. This parade will be refreshed on a regular base.

Floating elephant

Danne Bakker

Henrique Padovan Lira

Edwin Schaap

Shane Odoherty

Andreas Hummel

Jessica Davies

Jan Nelson

Marlies Barend

Danne Bakker

Cute & Bizarre

Marilyn Haddad

Rafael Varona

Sytske Nijp

Vojta Kočí

Neta Siner

David Renton

Aire Nebo

Dirk Bruggink

Arash Akhgari


Brianne Charnigo

Nicolás Petelski


Inês Vilalva


Wesley Matthee

Li Toyoya

Irene Gentile

Sascha Aerts

Miritte Ben Yitzchak

Javier Marimon

Pieter van Dijk

Emi and the Veggies

eyesee more...