Call for Entries: Master specs

Read carefully

If your work is selected we'll ask you for a master copy of your film.

Please pay close attention to our master copy specifications on this page. If your copy doesn't confirm to these specifications there is a possibility we can't get your film to play and consequently have to take it out of the competition. Please don't send us your film in whatever format you're comfortable, with the gigantic amount of films we receive, we won't be able to make exceptions. So please pay attention to our guidelines for your and our convenience, don’t worry they follow industry standards. Thank you!

(3-D stereoscopic master copy specs differ; please scroll to the bottom of this page to read those.)

We'd be happy to help you out in case of questions. Please contact us at


KLIK accepts a wide range of quality codecs for Windows, Linux and Mac as mentioned below. The mentioned codecs have fixed data rates except for H264 and H265, these are of variable quality. We accept but do not prefer H264/H265 since their quality can be heavily decreased when using incorrect low quality settings. We strongly recommend using a fixed high quality codec like Apple Prores 422 to ensure a high quality master copy. If you need help, please consult your local professional post-production house or (internet) literature. The specs stated below in bold are based on our final projection and indicate the preferred format. All specifications are industry standard.

.MOV .AVI .MP4 or .MXF

Apple Prores 422 till 4444
Avid DNxHD
Avid DNxHR
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Advice: Hi422Profile 10bit, level 4 @ 80mbit)
H.265/MPEG-H HEVC (Advice: Main 4:2:2 10bit profile, level 5 @ 37mbit)
AVC-Intra or Ultra
Animation Codec

For the best color reproduction, use REC709, DCI-P3 or REC2020 colorspace in your editing/aftereffects package when rendering your film.

1920 x 1080 square pixels for HD (1.78 aspect)
1998 x 1080 square pixel for DCI-Flat (1.85 aspect, will be shown letterbox)
3840 x 2160 square pixel (Ultra-HD is 1.78 aspect).
3996 × 2160 square pixel (4K DCI-Flat (1.85, will be shown letterbox until 2017)

If your movie has another resolution/aspect like 2.39 or 1.33, please letterbox/pillarbox it within this size.

Frame rate
25Hz, 23.976Hz, 24Hz, 29.97Hz or 30Hz.

Always progressive! KLIK! does not accept interlaced video formats.

All subtitles must be in English and burnt in the image. We cannot play separate subtitle tracks together with video.

Audio format
16 or 24bit 48Khz uncompressed (PCM) audio

Audio channel layout
2 channels (Left, Right or dual-mono)
Discrete multi channel (L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs) will be downmixed to LtRt!

Audio standard
Stereo, Dolby Stereo(LtRt), Dolby ProLogic and DTS:Neo6 are possible formats. (Please mention in the filename)

Surround Sound is only possible using Dolby Prologic in a Stereo compatible track. If you have 5.1 discrete Surround Sound, please encode it in a 2ch (stereo) compatible format like Dolby Prologic or LtRt and put this 2ch mix back under your film. To do so, you can use Prologic ll plug-ins like Dolby Media Generator or SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II to encode your 5.1 discrete audiomix. Apple compressor has a simple LtRt downmixer since version 4.2

Caution: Dolby Digital/AC3, DTS-HD, Dolby-E and other bitstream-like formats are NOT possible!

Transport medium

You can send the file on a USB-stick, data-DVD (4,7 or 8GB) or data-Blu-ray (25 or 50GB!). Choose the transport medium based on the file size your film requires. KLIK! does not accept hard disks, tapes or film prints.

If you have a very short movie that fits within 2GB, could be a cheap solution for you. However we advise against sending films longer than 1:30 minutes over the internet. We'd rather receive a physical high quality cinema copy. Please mention in the title of your file the: filmname, aspectratio, framerate and audio standard (like R128, stereo, prologic etc).

Specifications: 3-D film

If your film is stereoscopic (3-D) we need a s3D DCP. You can stick with the standard DCP specs, but if you have specific questions please contact

We'd like to stress the importance of having a professionally made and tested DCP by a post-production house instead of making it yourself. Make sure your film title is embedded in the DCP. We receive a lot of files titled 'easy DCP creator' which makes the films indistinguishable from each other. Please use the DCI naming convention. Furthermore, cheap discs and high burning speeds tend to be a risk of failure once ingesting it in the cinema. So please use a high quality transport medium like a Verbatim data-DVD or data-Blu-ray, and a low burning speed with data check. Another option is to send us a hard disk, but please make sure it's very well packed - package drops cause hard disks to break. Also make sure it has a USB or sATA connection and it is NTFS or Linux formatted. We will return your hard disk at our expense, at the latest 4 weeks after the festival.

Send the master

Once you created your master you can send it to the following address:

Digital file: Please send us your master file via

Or by mail:

KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival
PO Box 14626
1001 LC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Sending us mail via courier services like DHL, Fedex and UPS? Then use our office address instead:

KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival
De Wittenstraat 25
1052 AK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Please mention 'No commercial value, for cultural purposes only' and mark the envelope with 'No value' to ensure a safe passage of your file.

KLIK will not pay for any transportation costs and does not accept customs charges.

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